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Bilingual Centers The development of elementary Life Curriculum bilingual teaching materials more

Sat, Dec 4, 15:00-15:30 Asia/Taipei

Wenzao University of Languages has established a bilingual research center since 2018. One of its tasks is to design bilingual teaching materials for elementary courses, including integrative activities learning area, Life Curriculum, and PE. In this presentation, bilingual teaching materials for Life Curriculum will be discussed. This year, the Wenzao team has completed four Life Curriculum bilingual materials. These teaching materials are to serve as a tool and reference book for teachers, not only English teachers, who want to plan and design bilingual lessons. The content of the books follows the Chinese textbooks. The one presented in this presentation is book 1 (first grade). There are 6 units, and each consists of 5 basic components, namely course introduction, words and phrases, sentence patterns, teaching procedure, and content explanation. During the developing process, we consulted with native English speakers for language usage and wording. We also tested out the content in elementary classes. In-service teachers also gave us feedback regarding the organization, content and language use. Modifications were made accordingly. We hope that this set of books can be a handy and useful tool for elementary bilingual teachers.

I-Chia Chou