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Lesson Plan Contest Best Teaching Practices in CLIL Show & Tell

Surprise Door and Magic Wand

Sun, Dec 5, 14:30-14:45 Asia/Taipei Room C (Google Meet)

This lesson plan explores the application of magnetic force. The students apply the scientific concept and follow the steps, ask–think–plan–create–improve, to build a STEAM project “Surprise Door and Magic Wand.” ‧ Think like a scientist: By asking “What? Why? How?”, the students spot the cause-effect relationship as well as the mechanism behind it. ‧ Act like a scientist: By following the steps, ask–think–plan–create–improve, the students apply the scientific concept to build a STEAM project that shows door opens and closes. ‧ Talk like a scientist: By conducting a show and tell, the students describe and explain the mechanism behind the project.