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Lesson Plan Contest Best Teaching Practices in CLIL Show & Tell

Float, Float, Float Your Boat~ ♪

Sun, Dec 5, 14:00-14:15 Asia/Taipei Room C (Google Meet)

• To Predict, to Observe, and to Explain. The teacher asks some questions to students to let them notice the science phenomena in daily life. Then, the teacher teaches in the P-O-E model, to guide the students to find out the answers for their predictions and try to make the explanation for the natural phenomena.

• To be a lifelong learner with competence. This lesson plan is designed according to the curriculum of 12-year basic education. The abilities to conduct the plan, communicating with others, and collaborating during group tasks are so important in the 21st century. As the result, this lesson plan contains the parts of the discussion, experiments, and hands-on activity. Students will learn both the knowledge of buoyancy and the skills they need for real life. We aim to motivate the students to become lifelong learners with competence.

• Science in your life, STEAM in our class! The teacher combines the contents knowledge with tasks. This can give students the opportunity to cultivate their competence in problem-solving. Besides, the STEAM teaching model contains the element of art, so it is a good way for students to show the content knowledge in multiple types.

  • 于晴&李芸

    Our Teaching Plan: Float, Float, Float Your Boat ~♪ About us: We are students from National Tsing Hua University. We major in the department of special education now. And we are also studying the bilingual education program.