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Lesson Plan Contest Best Teaching Practices in CLIL Show & Tell

The Magic Wind

Sun, Dec 5, 14:15-14:30 Asia/Taipei Room B (Google Meet)

Wind, which is always ignored, exists everywhere. From the picture book “Where Is the Wind”, students can discover that wind indeed exists everywhere. By discussing the application of the wind, students can learn the famous Dutch windmills and their songs. Through the rhythmic activity of silk scarf, singing of the song “The Wind Blows Over” and the performance of maracas, students can explore and experience the variety of appearances of wind. Winds of different intensities lead out the concept of dynamics in music, which then is transformed into the strong and weak notations (f/p) on the score. Taking the theme of life as the context, construct a process of experiencing the contrast between strengths and weaknesses and recognizing musical terms, so as to enhance students' hearing acuity and perception. At the end of this unit, students are divided into groups to perform the song with the strong and weak marks they’ve redesigned.