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Bilingual Centers Bilingual Teaching Materials and Pedagogy Regular Presentation (30 min)

Teaching Young Learners Mathematics: A CLIL Approach

Sat, Dec 4, 14:00-14:30 Asia/Taipei Room B (Google Meet)

As literature indicates, it can be argued that mathematics is a language because it has its own set of rules, and with a finite number of symbols an infinite number of utterances can be created. Students need to master this language in order to read, understand, write down, and discuss ideas. In a CLIL lesson, both the learning of mathematics concept and the simultaneous learning of a second or foreign language is emphasized. This present paper will examine the following two aspects: How to scaffold young learners to process the mathematics concept through a second language? How to guide young learners to learn the mathematics language?

  • Chiou-Hui Chou 周秋惠

    Chiou-hui Chou is an associate professor at the department of English Instruction, School of Education, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. Her research interests are in TESOL, CLIL, teachers professional development, reading research, and bilingual education.