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Bilingual Language Policy: The Case of the Philippines

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The evolution of the language policies in the Philippines can be traced historically and linguistically. The impact of colonization in the country made the English language the co-official language of the Philippines whereas the number of living languages prompted the selection of Tagalog- then later Filipino- as its national language. In order to achieve bilingual competence both in Filipino and English, Bilingual Education Policy (BEP) was implemented. BEP clearly defines the separate use English and Filipino as the media of instruction in specific subject areas at the national level at all levels. To date, BEP runs simultaneously with MTB-MLE in the current Philippine Education.

  • Remy J. Tulabut

    Professor Remy Tulabut is a full-time faculty and currently the English department head at Angeles University Foundation (AUF). She finished her M.A. in English Education in Korea and presently pursuing her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction at AUF. Her research interests include distance learning education, English language teaching and translation.