International Conference  on Bilingual Education

International Conference on Bilingual Education

National Taipei University of Education December 4-5, 2021

Keynote Speakers

  • Dr. Do Coyle

    Dr. Do Coyle

    Keynote Speaker

  • Dr. Darlyne de Haan

    Dr. Darlyne de Haan

    Keynote Speaker

  • Dr. Letizia Cinganotto

    Dr. Letizia Cinganotto

    Keynote Speaker

  • Dr. Angelita Romero

    Dr. Angelita Romero

    Keynote Speaker

Sponsor Ministry of Education (Taiwan)

The MOE actively promotes 2030 Bilingual Nation Policy to empower Taiwan’s talents and industries to become more competitive, thus promoting its professions around the world. The MOE aims to increase international educational exchanges, and develop high-quality brand for Chinese language education in Taiwan, improve education for indigenous people and new immigrants’ children, and create friendly environments for learning national languages (including Minnan, Hakka, Min Dong, aboriginal languages and sign language).

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